Period Closing Procedure – Dynamics 365 Finance

Are you facing difficulties in month / quarter / Year End Procedure? Hi Folks, We all know that Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation is well-known for it's user-friendly interface. Specially when we talk about user interface, how can we miss the discussion of "Workspace". Currently we have 63 (as per PU:39) inbuilt workspace including few... Continue Reading →

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Alert:- Prepare for dimension table changes in Financial Dimension Framework

Effective December 1, 2020, for all 10.0+ versions of Dynamics 365 Financial Dimension Framework we are preventing deletion from the following Dimension tables: DimensionAttributeDimensionAttributeValueDimensionAttributeSetDimensionAttributeSetItemDimensionAttributeValueSetDimensionAttributeValueSetItemDimensionAttributeValueCombinationDimensionAttributeValueGroupCombinationDimensionAttributeValueGroupDimensionAttributeLevelValue This change is applied directly in the database and follows the same business logic that is used within the application. These changes protect the integrity of the financial accounting data. Any customizations... Continue Reading →

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