Categories in Project Management & Accounting Module of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


For practice of Accounting and Reporting always use demo data of “USSI” legal entity provided by Microsoft.

Creation of category group, Shared category, and Project category

All categories basically identify by “Category Group”, so lets understand how to create “Category Group”.

Go to USSI–>Project Management and Accounting–>Setup–>Categories–>Category groups

New Category Group: Project


While creating Category Group we have to select Transaction Type from “Hours, Fees, Expense and Item. After that we have to select line property for including this Category Group while generating Invoice.

After that we can directly set Cost and Revenue main accounts for posting specific cost, WIP and revenue to general ledger. We can set default posting ledger in group so that we don’t have to set posting ledger in individual project categories.

Lets create one Shared category, without shared category you wan’t able to create project category as it is mandatory to have shared category.

Go to USSI–>Project Management and Accounting–>Setup–>Categories–>Shared categories

New Category : Consult (Management Consulting)


We can use this category in Project, Expense and Production. you have to tick the box for use this category in expense or Production.

Once category created, now we can create Project Category

Go to USSI–>Project Management and Accounting–>Setup–>Categories–>Project categories

New Category : Consult (Management Consulting)


while creating project categories we have to select Category Group for identification. Transaction type will be set accordingly the category group we have selected. We can also select default line property by selecting in Default line property.

This is how we can create new project categories for projects.


Gaurangkumar Jani


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