Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation Cloud Environment Deployment on LCS

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In this blog I have tried to cover end to end process to deploy cloud environment for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation application. Please feel free to provide your feedback on comment section.

How to deploy Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation cloud environment?


  1. Office / Outlook Account for Azure
  2. Azure Subscription
  3. LCS Account

Let’s start:

Phase – I Azure Subscription

First you require Official Account to sign up for Azure. Now let’s create Azure Account. Currently azure providing offers where you can create account for free and get 12 month’s service absolutely free.

Step: 1

Azure Sign-up:

Step: 2

Once you Login with official account you need to feel following details:

Once you sign up, you will be able to see following dashboard:

Step: 3

For Subscription / Azur Free trial, you can click on Start or Click on Subscription and new Subscription.

Step: 3A

You need to fill few details.

  1. Agree to Agreement
  2. Identity verification by phone
    1. Require to Confirm Mobile number with OTP
  3. Identity verification by Card
    1. Require to Fill credit card details to Activate payment method

Step: 3B

Or you can Directly click on Subscription and Add new.

It will drive you to Subscription offer page. Here you can choose any offer before buying subscription.

On selection of offer you will be redirected to Step: 3A

Finally, now you have Azure Subscription.

Let’s move to Second Phase of the Process.

Phase – II LCS Configuration

Step: 1 Visit to Lifecycle service

Step: 2 Login with Same or Other Email Account

Step: 3 Create Project on LCS

Once you click on any specific purpose system will open one more dialogue box as below.

Here you require to fulfill details to create Project.

Please choose product name as “Finance and Operation”, Relevant Industry and methodology.

Once you done with this process the next step will be link Azure Subscription with LCS Project you have just Created.

Phase – III LCS link with Azure

Click on Microsoft Azure setting

Now Click on Authorize. System will Authorized tenant with Azure Account.

Now Go to Azure Portal > Subscription and add user as Contributor of Dynamics Deployment Service in Access Control

Next Step will be Add Azure Subscription to LCS. Add new Azure Connection. Provide relevant details and click Next.

In following screen LCS will generate one “LCS Certificate” which you have to download and upload to Azure Subscription > Certificate management.

Now it’s time to Deploy Cloud Hosted Environment.

Phase – IV Deployment of Azure Cloud Environment

Now go back to LCS Project and Click on “+” under Environment.

Now Select Appropriate Application version as require.

Now select environment topology as required.

Now the next step is the most important for deployment.

Before moving forward please make sure you have check Azure price list.

Give appropriate name and click on next.

Your environment deployment is started.

Check Envi onement list on LCS Project.

Now wait for completion of deployment.

I hope this will help you to deploy Finance and Operation. Please provide your feedback on comment section.


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