Purchase Requisition (PR) View Control in Dynamics 365 SCM

Hi Folks,

While implementing Dynamics 365 SCM for multi legal entity we all received requirement to have Control on View of “Purchase Requisition” to one Legal entity.

By default PR function if organization wide function so we can’t control with Legal entity.

But, we can control few thing by applying proper security control & maintaining PR permission.

So, Let’s check how this can be implemented in D365SCM.

Control PR Views to User for Own PR.

This requirement can be resolved by applying proper Role to user.

For our demonstration I have created one user with Custom Role as “PR_Personal” and this role contain “maintain purchase requisitions” duty. Make sure you are not allowing “maintain all purchase requisition” duty other wise user will be able to see all PR.

Custom Role: PR_Personal

On assignment of this role system will only consume “Team member” license. which is bonus point as majority time Operational user may not have to do any transaction in System except PR.

On assignment of this role user will be able to only “Purchase requisitions prepared by me” menu item.

Menu Item

This will resolve the control issue related to view of personal PR.

Control buying legal entity to each user.

By default system will allow user to prepare PR for all buying legal entity in which user is registered as “Worker” in Human resource management module.

Let’s assume we wanted to have hardcore control on buying legal entity.

Solution : 1 Control user to one legal entity using “Security Role”

We can control user’s access of each role for each organization (legal entity).

See following security control to assign to user with specific Legal entity control

User Control using Security Role

This will restrict the user to only assign legal entity.

Solution : 2 Control PR creation to one buying Legal entity using PR Permission

There could be possible that one user is working for multiple legal entity but we wanted to have control only on buying legal entity while preparing PR.

This control will be possible by applying PR permission from Procurement module.

To create this permission Go to Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Policies > Purchase requisition permission

PR Permission

Here you can assigned multiple legal entity for which this user will be able to create PR.

This blog I have posted because I have seem multiple query related to this requirement in MS Community.

Please let me know you views in comments.


CA Gaurangkumar Jani


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