Heart of Dynamics 365 Finance: Accounting Structure ft. Advance Rule

Hi Folks, Happy New Year and Welcome to 2023. Accounting software is all about control in Accounting Transaction. When we talk about control it is obviously important to make sure that system is allowing to post transaction after validating rules defined in system. We can configure the accounting rules in system by configuring proper accounting... Continue Reading →

Alert:- Prepare for dimension table changes in Financial Dimension Framework

Effective December 1, 2020, for all 10.0+ versions of Dynamics 365 Financial Dimension Framework we are preventing deletion from the following Dimension tables: DimensionAttributeDimensionAttributeValueDimensionAttributeSetDimensionAttributeSetItemDimensionAttributeValueSetDimensionAttributeValueSetItemDimensionAttributeValueCombinationDimensionAttributeValueGroupCombinationDimensionAttributeValueGroupDimensionAttributeLevelValue This change is applied directly in the database and follows the same business logic that is used within the application. These changes protect the integrity of the financial accounting data. Any customizations... Continue Reading →

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