Improve efficiency and quality with AI-infused finance processes

AI is going to transform the finance function. This common platitude is typically backed with little or no substance. However, when addressing common finance challenges, the opportunities for transformation become abundant. Work-streams are often hindered by legacy technology and traditional processes. Employees are expected to work quickly and accurately, but have a huge workload of... Continue Reading →

Fixed Price percentage completion Contract with Milestone Billing – Full Cycle

Project Type : Fixed Price Percentage Completion - with work in progress Billing Rule : Milestone Project group Setup: Project Transaction Summary: Activity Sub activity Type Description  Qty  Cost / Unit  Cost Value  Sales / Unit  Sales Value 1 1.1 Item Item-001               12.00               140.00              1,680.00                 168.00              2,016.00 1 1.2 Item... Continue Reading →

Categories in Project Management & Accounting Module of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Instruction:- For practice of Accounting and Reporting always use demo data of "USSI" legal entity provided by Microsoft. Creation of category group, Shared category, and Project category All categories basically identify by "Category Group", so lets understand how to create "Category Group". Go to USSI-->Project Management and Accounting-->Setup-->Categories-->Category groups New Category Group: Project While creating Category... Continue Reading →

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