Heart of Dynamics 365 Finance : Main Accounts (Part – 2)

I hope you enjoyed my last blog on Main Account (Part-1). As we know Main account is key part of chart of accounts I have tried my best to provide the explanation on Key fields on Main Account form up to General Tab. Now, Let’s understand the important filed and parameters of Main Account form... Continue Reading →

Fixed Price percentage completion Contract with Milestone Billing – Full Cycle

Project Type : Fixed Price Percentage Completion - with work in progress Billing Rule : Milestone Project group Setup: Project Transaction Summary: Activity Sub activity Type Description  Qty  Cost / Unit  Cost Value  Sales / Unit  Sales Value 1 1.1 Item Item-001               12.00               140.00              1,680.00                 168.00              2,016.00 1 1.2 Item... Continue Reading →

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